Basalt Bricks made from Victorian Olivine Basalt: Golden Bluestone, A Touch of Class



Building with Victorian Olivine Basalt Bricks will help to seperate your residential or commercial building project simply through its colour and durability.

Our bricks are made from natural stone and feature three different shades of blue, green and grey. Featured above is the Golden Bluestone, which exhibits neutral grey and olive tones due to the presence of the mineral Olivine.

As our stones are laid by traditional lime mortar with the addition of our proprietary blend of natural basalt and sand, your low carbon green project will also perform exceptionally under bushfire conditions. With the addition of basalt into the already cement-free mortar, this inherently increases the fire resistivity of the mortar in conjunction with the added flexibility of our traditional lime-mortar mix.


Basalt Brick in one hand and a trowel in the other

And with the added bonus of this mortar design, the lime content bonds and flexes with the masonry matrix; making it highly durable and efficient in movement. This effect minimises cracking of the mortar and reduces  damage to the individual masonry unit over time.

Time-tested methods that rules supreme over modern, time-driven efficiencies.

Contact to discuss our installation method. We will be happy to share the knowledge of yesteryears Stonemasons with modern Bricklayers.