Basalt Bricks and Quarries

Own a Basalt Quarry? Grow with Us

As is developing a global supply chain, we see that Basalt will be the ‘Sustainable Brick’ moving into the future. With minimal environmental disturbance, Basalt Bricks will continue to render conventional masonry obsolete; thereby removing the pollution created by firing clay bricks and the cement required to create Concrete/ Cinder blocks.

With an ever-increasing range of synthetic ‘eco-friendly bricks’ being released, made from organic/ in-organic materials, we see that there is no need to manufacture man-made products when there is Basalt everywhere. Strong, reliable and non-absorptive, Basalt will outperform any similarly priced alternative in durability; every time.

We are currently developing our database of Basalt Bricks and Block suppliers, Worldwide.

If you own a Basalt, Lava-stone, Bluestone, Andesite or Gabbro quarry, anywhere in the world, advertise as a distributor right here on and lets work together to provide the world with durable, environmentally-friendly, sustainable bricks and blocks.


Want to start cutting your stone? We can help!


Don’t have the cutting equipment? We can arrange all cutting and processing machinery, delivering a streamlined quarry process regardless of your location. Talk to us about our Basalt Quarry Consultancy Service.

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