Natural Sustainable Brick | STONEBRICK™ |

By utilising the STONEBRICK™ product range, are helping to provide significant decreases in the Air Pollution released by the conventional firing of clay brick and, in kind, the cement required for creating concrete block.

Together, we are able to generate Sustainable Construction Products from a broad range of igneous materials.  Basalt, Tuff, Andesite, Granite and many other igneous natural stones, are in abundance.

It is time to utilise what nature has provided us, in all of it’s endless supply and by processing the stone material using the cleanest methods possible.


With a Quality System that is compliant with ISO Standards, we are able to create sustainable, high quality products that are cost effective and easy to manufacture. Our 3 step process combines the latest in quarrying practices to further drive production efficiencies. From boulder to brick, we have systems to minimise handling and to deliver desired quantities.

As there are an array of available renewable energy sources, we prefer to tap into the Green Mining Process; further diminishing the carbon footprint from the manufacture of the World’s most sustainable Brick.

STONEBRICK™: redefining Sustainable Building Materials.