With Low Embodied Energy, Build with Natural Basalt Designer Bricks

Our Basalt is 100% natural. Not cast and called Basalt as a marketing angle.

With significant environmental benefits, no firing or baking, no hazardous Carbon Monoxide, Sulphuric Acid or any of the other pollutants that brick kilns produce globally, Basalt STONEBRICK™ will last longer and provide more thermal mass for your home.


Img courtesy of AUS Government yourhome.gov.au

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With sustainable building methods on the increase, there is another natural alternative; Building with Basalt Bricks and Blocks.

The STONE BRICK™ Natural Stone masonry system is highly adaptable and can be modified and shaped to cater for styling enhancements and modifications.


Site-modified (chamfered) ‘A-Max’ STONEBRICK™ shown in the Plinth (Bottom) course. Also, custom transition corner shown on the right hand side of the door; made from a standard STONEBRICK™.

As these are a natural product with consistent colour and finish, STONE BRICK™ Basalt Bricks can be cut to create customised architectural designs and details such as plinth courses, cornice/ mouldings and window sills.

As a non-absorptive material, utilising Bluestone Bricks will eliminate issues surrounding soft and crumbing brick as experienced with aged or poorly made clay or concrete masonry units.

Ask us on how we can help to build longer serving masonry structures.

A Sustainable Future: Building in Basalt Bricks and Blocks


For many years, mankind has developed technologies, founded through a process of trial-and-error. And now as our planet is being more and more affected by our presence in the way of Global Warming and Climate Change, we see that by utilising an abundant and cleaner source for sustainable building, combined with the durable and hardwearing nature of basalt,  building in basalt and/or bluestone is more than just a viable option to replace the conventionally fired clay and concrete masonry unit; it is the original SUSTAINABLE BUILDING MATERIAL!

As there is no firing required (this is done by natural processes), the Carbon Footprint of your project is dramatically reduced.

A 100% Natural Stone product that is stronger and will outperform clay and concrete.


STONE BRICK™, also available through Mason & Maker