STONEBRICK™ Basalt Range


STONE BRICK™ Basalt Bricks contains three main colours, Olivine, Grey and Gold/White. Our stone ranges in density from solid basalt to a more amygdaloidal and vesicular structure; commonly known as ‘Cats Paws’ or ‘Air Bubbles’ from rapidly-cooled basaltic lava.

Note: Colours are indicative of general colour scheme and may contain more vesicles (bubbles) than pictured.

GOLDEN BLUESTONEstone-brick-golden-bluestone-basalt-victorian

Containing larger amounts of Olivine — mid grey with hues of golden-green — the lightness of our Golden Bluestone provides a design opportunity to blend with neutral beiges, cremes and other earthen colours.



A favourite and commonly known as “Bluestone” due to its dark blue/grey tint, our RedRock Bluestone will also provide hues of pink and lighter greens and tends to be of a denser, more gabbroic structure.

RedRock Bluestone can also provide an ideal offset to create depth against the lighter Golden Bluestone, or the darker, BlackRock Bluestone.



Our darkest Basalt, the BlackRock Bluestone can help to make any area more tonal and classy. Being more gabbroic than the RedRockBlackRock will provide for more consistent colouration without hues of pink or brown as contained in our other products.


Basalt STONEBRICK Brochure (.pdf)



Natural (Raw Sawn)

Tooled (Chiseled Finish)

Rock Face (Split Face)

Honed (Light Polish)